Co-curated with Andrew Testa

The idea of home can be located within a place, a dwelling, a person, a thing, etc. Homes can be uprooted and moved, but also steeped in tradition. A home can be shared between many and exist within a sense of community and partnerships, but also in oneself. It can be lonely, loud, troublesome, exciting, loving, passionate, traditional, amongst many other things. A home can change, be distant, or be near. In this exhibition, the artists have responded to how they each relate to the idea of home.

Bailey MacPhee locates how in moving boxes that emphasize an in between—the being without a traditional home but the call of attention on the things that move with you as a home. Drew Pardy sees a home within the things one wears, an idea that clothing is a home for the body. More specifically, she is interested in how to extend the life and call attention to the mending of such worn items to be cherished and loved once more. Gaayathri Sukantha Murugan finds home in the patterns and textiles one sees from one place to the next. In each case, t/here presents how all ten artists relate to what home is in varying manners and create conversations that celebrate, challenge, and critique what the notion of home may be.

Artists: Faune Ybarra, Georgia Dawkin, Patricia Gora, Emily Hayes, Charlotte Hobden, Shannon-Rene Husbands, Bailey MacPhee, Gaayathri Sukantha Murugan, Drew Pardy, and Cera Purchase.

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