around the throat of a flower

around the throat of a flower, a phrase borrowed from "The Dandelion Killers" by Newfoundland poet Al Pittman, is an exhibition that negotiates the dynamic, yet complicated, relationship that humans have with the environment. While alluding to the destructive potential that humans have against the natural world, exhibiting artists Emily Clark, Catherine Moret, Drew Pardy, Kelsey Street, and Faune Ybarra bring contemporary and critical perspectives concerning global anxieties about environmental consciousness. These emotional responses between land, resources, and bodies highlight the complex relationships that people have to the ecologies of land and sustainability.

PULP Gallery is a pilot project to create a student-led exhibition space for the Memorial University Visual Arts program. Initiated through a special topics course, led by faculty member Marc Losier with students Emily Clark, Emily Critch, and Tyrone Kelly in the fall of 2017, PULP is the first and only student gallery in Newfoundland and Labrador.

PULP gratefully acknowledges the support of the Grenfell Teaching & Learning Fund, Memorial University Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement and the Grenfell Vice President's Office in the development of this initiative.

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